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Manish ist ein authentischer und inspirierender Mensch, der den yogischen Werten und dem wahren Wesen des Mantra-Singens treu verbunden geblieben ist.

Mantra Yoga and Naad Shakti: Connecting with the real power of sound - mit Manish Vyas

20h-Kompaktweiterbildung Mantra & Naad-Yoga mit Manish Vyas

Manish Vyas
Dozent Yoga Veda Schweiz

Informationen zur Kompaktweiterbildung

Termine der Ausbildung

  • Unterrichtszeiten: 11:30 bis 18:30 Uhr
  • 20. August 2023
  • 22. September 2023
  • 03. November 2023

Kosten der Weiterbildung

  • CHF 520.-

Ort der Ausbildung

  • Ort: Yogastudio Luzern, Werkhofstrasse 18, 6005 Luzern
  • Teilnehmeranzahl: mindestens 15 – maximal 21 Personen

This program of 20 hours will include an in-depth learning of various aspects of Mantra Yoga

In connection with the Yoga practices as well as daily practices in meditation and other activities. It will offer an insight on how to incorporate Mantra, its sound, its practice and its understanding and bring more integration, balance and peace into the daily life. It will also introduce the application of specific usages of Mantras, in order to connect with the real Naad Yoga and how it can bring a transformation. This course is designed for anyone who truly wants to dive deeper into the sciences from India and understand the root meaning behind these ancient practices.

Main Subjects:

  • What is the pure meaning of Yoga in India and what are the paths and practices
  • Origins of Yoga up to ten thousand years ago before the current modern concept which was born just hundred years ago
  • Adiyogi, importance of Shiva in Yoga tradition
  • Yoga as a lifestyle vs. Yoga as fitness
  • What is Sanatan Dharma, the millenary lifestyle in which frame the Yoga Lifestyle and Practices were born
  • Sanskrit and its application in all sciences from India (Yoga, Mantra, Tantra, Ayurveda, etc.)
  • An introduction to the tradition of Mantra and its origin. How has been Mantra used in India and still being used today
  • Significance of maintaining the purity of Sanskrit to sustain the vibrations of Mantras
  • Learning Nitya Karma Mantras (mantras chanted during the daily functions and activities)
  • Difference between Mantra, Chanting, Vedic style, Bhajan, and other distinctions of sacred music from India
  • Use of Mala
  • Learning of a Yoga Mantra invocation before the practice
  • Learning Gayatri and Maha Mrityunjay Mantra in Vedic Style
  • Pranayam Mantras and their application
  • Using music and Mantras in Meditation and Asana
  • Chakra Mantras and its practice methods
  • Bij Mantras (seed mantras) and connection with divine energies
  • Introduction to one particular Mantra Sadhana of Shiva
  • Importance and significance of Indian classical music in the Mantra music and developing a meaningful discriminative sense to connect with the real Nada of Mantra and Kirtans
  • Basic understanding of Sanskrit language and its alphabet
  • Participants will be shown various videos on the subjects, explained by experts from India, and will be openly discussed

20h-Kompaktweiterbildung Mantra & Naad-Yoga mit Manish Vyas

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