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Yogic Wisdom for Leaders

Yoga for Leaders

Empowering modern leaders with new awareness and leadership skills so they can thrive personally and professionally.

Our Team

Portrait Puran Sukh Kaur aka Gundula Avenali

DI Gundula Maria Avenali

Gundula Maria Avenali holds a bachelor's degree in Food Engineering and Biotechnology. She is an internationally certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist. In 2004 Gundula founded the Waldzell Institute, which brought together personalities such as HH the Dalai Lama, Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende with top business leaders. Since 2013 Gundula has been running her yoga academy in Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. Roland Falb

Roland Falb studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University in Graz, Austria. He worked as a scientist and lecturer in the fields of ergonomics and organizational optimization and held leading positions in Marketing & Sales. More than 20 years he has been Managing Partner of one of the globally leading consultancy firms. Today, he works as personal coach for top manager and politicians.


Price per person including accommodation, meals and wellness-package (4 nights): CHF 3.650,–

full seminar plan

2024 True Success:

From a yogic perspective, what does success mean, how can it be defined and most importantly, how can it be reached that it contributes to a fulfilled live?

2025 Beyond Stress – Vitality and Resilience:

How can I as a leader remain healthy and happy while being under the constant pressure to thrive? How can I successfully manage stress and renew my vitality?

2026 Secrets of Creativity and Creation:

How can I access the uniqueness of my core identity and spark the light of my passion so all my creations and my creativity express what and who I am?

2027 Leading from Within:

How can I as a leader authentically be myself and experience inner peace, in the turmoil of conflicting interests and constant demands from outside?

2028 In Search of Excellence:

How can I raise beyond limitations and reach excellence, while staying true to myself and not loose my center. How can I keep being successful?

About our offer

To cultivate health, healing and happiness in our lives, nothing is of greater value than experiencing inner peace, harmony and balance. Strengthen your body and ignite your spirit with our deeply transformative retreats on the magical island of Sardinia in the healing surroundings of Costa Rei. Be inspired to take the next step in developing your leadership skills and achieve excellence and success.

In addition to our recharging yoga lessons, we offer on the retreat a range of soothing treatments that encompass body, mind and soul and enable a deep encounter with yourself. Through highly effective physical and breathing exercises, energy pathways and centers are stimulated, blockages and tensions are released, and the entire system is brought back into balance. Mindfulness training leads you to a more conscious way of being with more calm and prudence in everyday life.

What you can expect

  • Improve stress resistance, be more concentrated and attentive
  • Sharpen clarity and speed of thought, even when overloaded
  • Increase radiance and magnetic attraction for opportunities
  • Acquire capacity to recharge oneself in just a few minutes
  • Have more available time in face of so many things to do
  • Enhance one's own health and change undesirable habits
  • Consciously understand cause, impact and consequences of your intentions, words, actions
  • Strengthen the capacity of intuition in every situation

Your program

  • Daily yoga morning and afternoon lessons
  • Daily morning and evening meditations
  • Mindfulness training and targeted meditations
  • Lectures and discussions on the topic
  • Breathwalk on the magnificent beach of Costa Rei
  • Healing Trails hikes
  • Relax massage
  • Sound bath
  • Jacuzzi


Discussion Points for Leaders

  • Self-blocking, self-discovery
  • expectation, lack of expectation
  • Self-determination, external determination, independence
  • Cycle of Success: Promoting others to be succesful
  • leadership compass

The EVOLVE Method

As a result of our many years of expertise in the area of leadership development, complementary therapy and yoga, we designed the EVOLVE method. The evidence- and experience-based method includes various body, breathing and mindfulness elements combined with offers tailored to your personal lifestyle and (self-)leadership style. It combines innovative forms of therapy with modern leadership knowledge and the millennia-old knowledge of yoga.

We understand health and self-realization as something holistic. The EVOLVE method supports you in optimizing your lifestyle and (self-)leadership in order to achieve a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

Based on the seven energy and consciousness centers, our method encompasses all areas of life and enables deep healing and transformation processes.


Contact us

Do you have any questions, want to apply for participation or would like to adapt the EVOLVE method offer to your individual needs? Then please get in touch with us. We are happy to help

E-Mail: office@waldzell.org

Phone: +41-79-622 30 97

“The tension between my professional success on one hand and the necessary input of energy on the other hand have increased my desire for an energetic "compensation system”. I have learned that yoga in its holistic approach can ideally be installed in the daily business routine and in surprisingly short time leads to remarkable successes!”

— Roland Falb
Senior Adviser Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

“If we think, say and do what is our deep inner truth, we connect to the universal flow of consciousness. This connection makes us powerful, creative and unique. We become natural leaders and we are respected, because we live our truth.

No matter in which area we want to be successful. We can only be successful if we know ourselves, and courageously express it with each of our thoughts, words and actions.

— Gundula Maria Avenali